Jacqueline Brogdon

Jacqueline Brogdon was born and raised in Darien, IL, where her local library became her favorite place in the world, because every shelf contained hundreds of stories waiting to be paid attention to. When she reached high school, she became interested in non-fiction stories too and went on the become the editor-in-chief of her high school news magazine. Now a student a Washington University in St. Louis, she is studying International and Area Studies, Writing, and Spanish. Her interests include fictional and non-fictional romances, travel, animals, and the color yellow. Check out her personal website, www.jacquelinebrogdon.com, which features travel blogging, creative non-fiction, book reviews, and other random thoughts.

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Destroying Things

This week, I’m going to highlight a piece of writing that was done for A Month Of… Moving On: Destroy something of Sentimental Value. This was written by Jacqueline Brogdon. Who worked for us last summer and runs a great travel blog. This task, and this show proved to be my favorite A Month Of… …

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5 Easy Ways to Support Your Favorite Local Artist

Something that’s easy to forget when you’re binge reading your favorite author or listening to your new favorite band on repeat is that artist-audience communication is a two-way street. While you’re soaking up everything that your new favorite artist produces, they might just be waiting for a reply. Here are five easy ways to support …

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The 151 from Stockton

So confession… I’m kind of a crappy Chicagoan (let me put in the caveat that I’m from the Western suburbs before I have the real city dwellers jumping down my throat). I’m a crappy Chicagoan in more than a few ways. I prefer my hotdogs with plain ketchup, and I tend to root for the …

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How to Make Pervasive Games Safer with Andy Patton

Andy Patton is a Chicago game designer who has worked on projects such as the Mafia-like game called “Speakeasy” and is the founder of Waxwing Puzzle Company, a company that designs clue-based mystery and adventure games for businesses, groups, events, etc. He also runs a successful blog that delves into various aspects of game design. …

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4 Places to Visit for the Chicago Bibliophile

While it always seems like there’s so much literary history in other cities like London and New York with the Sherlock Holmes’s and the Jay Gatsby’s, Chicago has it’s own rich history of famous authors and attractions that celebrate this history. The following are four places to visit this summer for the bibliophile looking for …

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The Metaphorical Root Beer Float

There are stories that I like to consume and those I like to produce. Personally, I prefer to consume fiction and produce non-fiction. Almost every story I choose to tell is about something that really happened to me…with a little embellishment here and there for effect. So I don’t expect to enjoy listening to Andrew …

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21st Annual Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic Competition

Like Storyluck.org, the Guild Literary Complex is dedicated to giving diverse, emerging, and often under-served voices opportunities to share their creative work with the Chicago community. Much of this inspiration stems from African-American Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Gwendolyn Brooks who spent much of her life writing in the South Side of Chicago and who collaborated with …

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Gabrielle Zevin at this Year’s Printer’s Row Literary Festival

If you’re like me, you still indulge in young adult literature from time to time, and there’s no one better than Gabrielle Zevin to transform a story about an adolescent character into a relatable and deep-cutting story for all ages. I first read her novel Elsewhere in 2007, about a teenager who is killed in …

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Epoxy Coins on State Street

Our friend Allan Green came across this completion of the “A Month of…The Things We Find” task on State Street! Allan Green takes pictures at a lot of the local live-lit shows, friend him on Facebook to view more of his work. Remember to complete your own tasks before the next “A Month of” event on …

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