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Reach Out and Torch Something

The theme/task for December’s show is Light It Up.

Light It Up: build something with the sole intent of lighting it on fire after it’s done.

We love fire, and we hope you love fire too. We have played with fire, and we will play with fire again for your entertainment.

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No Shirt No Shoes and I Don’t Get Service

[wpvoting] I hate this task for two reasons. One: I don’t have much money, which makes dining out repeatedly a losing proposition. The only place I can afford to dine out at repeatedly is the restaurant I used to work at, where the manager consistently buys me food and it doesn’t matter what I wear. …

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Five Nights at Torajiro

There are a lot of sushi restaurants in Chicago. Torajiro is neither the cheapest nor the highest quality — it’s not even the one I’ve visited most often. However, I remember each and every time I’ve visited the tiny sushi restaurant on Diversey.

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A List of My Fears

[wpvoting] I’m a very impatient person. This stems, I think, from one of my greatest fears: being helpless. When I was little, zombies terrified me with their promise of slowly undoing my mind and forcing me to eat my friends. These days I still have a lot of trouble being put under anasthesia. I often …

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Fears and Visitations

“So we walked around for a bit, and the guy would not stop talking about himself. Well, that and my boobs.”
“Sounds like a swell guy. Tell me, why are you dating again?”
“Because I don’t want to die alone.”
“We all die alone.”
“You’re not helping, Duo.”

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So I gather the 10 or so young adults at the meeting (I am 62 so you can surmise on your own without much didactic reasoning what I mean by young) to discuss the “Voices that Play in our heads”

Ages varied among those in the group from 14 to 28. See “YOUNG”

I encourage you to be aware of the voice that has started to take space up in your head right now. “This is stupid” “This is interesting (hopefully, that is my voice as I compose)” “My ass itches,” “Ass itches” may prompt a voice in your head as you read this, “I think I am gonna stop as this is meaningless babble” “I wish I had a job and did not have time to read this crap” “This guy is an asshole for bringing up that I don’t have a job” and on and on…

So in order for the discussion not to just explode into existential pabulum I asked 3 questions after a brief presentation of what I was proposing to them as a “theory” and hence a point of discussion.

First the theory.

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Hearing Voices, Cory’s Version

[wpvoting] This month’s task lends itself to a sort of wacky, jackass-style completion. But the title has all kinds of awesome religious implications. For both these reasons, I decided to do something a little different. Let’s start at the beginning. I have this tattoo on my left wrist: It only takes up about three square …

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What Do You Want From Me?

The idea is simple: collect a large-ish sample of instructions, analyze them, and plot a course of action accordingly. Clearly, I trust each and every one of my friends to play nice.

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A Month Of … Hearing Voices

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Elevator Thoughts

I have been riding hospital elevators for over 30 years. I didn’t do this for fun or because I possess some type of “vator” fetish. I have worked in hospitals for over 30 years.

I’ve not only ridden internal hospital elevators but also external elevators. In more cases than not these elevators carry people who have parked their automobile, motorcycle, and sometimes bicycle in a large ominous looking structure adjacent to a hospital.. These folks frequently go from one floor to the next with a blank stare trying to find their vehicle. The dysphoria created by the spaciousness and lack of familiarity with the cavernous concrete lots that house the elevators compound the spookiness of the contraptions’ themselves. Now throw in the anxiety that most people have visiting their physician, or loved one who may be infirmed and you have one big “phobia”.

Today I was in one of those lots and found two women wondering around talking to each other pointing as if each auto they were pointing to could be, but wasn’t, their own.

“I think that’s it”

“No it’s a Nissan, but its not the right color”

“How bout that one?”

“Yes…..no that’s not it. It’s a Toyota”

“What floor were we on?”

“I didn’t look when we left the lot and got on the elevator”

“I always do that and then end up feeling so stupid”

After observing this for a moment or two I offered gallant assistance.

“Did you ladies lose your car?”

Blank stares at me and fearful stares at each other.

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