Daily Round Up Thread 6/20

Hey All, Did an interview. Got confirmation of two more but haven’t Made $5 for Story Luck. (Better than nothing.) Worked on Roman Susan Collaboration plans. Journey Sept emails written. Called Noah Treasurer. Called Susan Accountant. Discussed origin story write up and live show plan. Writers blocked on 3 articles that need to be written …

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Daily Round UP 6/17/18

Hey All, Recorded set of friends for td. Set up board meeting for later this month. Set up two people to record as friends podcast this month. Working on doing draft recordings just to get some stuff. 1/2 setup hootsuite to schedule posts better. did a 30 min brainstorming session on how to get 10k …

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Daily Round up 6/16

Hey All, Reached out to marketing guru for Journey Prep. Saw a show to write about. Had meetings with two people on how the podcast would run slowly firming up dates. And I’m done for the night!

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Daily Round up 6/15/2018

Hey all, Had a big day today. Sent 4 emails coordinating dates for Tertiary Delight. Confirmed 100% Journey for Sept.  Specific Date TBA. But Def Sept. Continued looking for AD for the sticker project. Had meeting with Priyanka Das. Came up with interview questions for TD. Story Luck fund continues to grow every day due …

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June 13th work log

Hey all, Managed Story Luck account. Making those gainz so Story Luck can get those tendies. (This is a bad r/wsb joke.) Vacated all the furniture from one of the writing retreats. Was hoping to talk about the podcast Tertiary Delight but the moving and throwing out and yadda yadda proved too much. Talked to …

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What was worked on today

Quick little update before I fall asleep. Went to a show which I’ll write about in more depth tomorrow. Had a meeting with Bonnie Fantastic. (She grilled me on inclusivity issues and told me she’s sadly moving to Pittsburg.) Had a phone meeting with Noah Firestone. We talked about an interactive programing bootcamp he’s working …

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Wow! A new post.

  To almost all our fans, it’s looked like we’ve been doing nothing. And I have to imagine, to some of us who have been working on projects – I think we’ve felt that way too. But it isn’t true. We took a stab at making Journey, we took a stab at making a video …

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Journey to the End of the Night Summer 2016 Chicago

Click below to sign up for Journey to the End of the Night!

Chicago Summer 2016

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Serendipity Dental

I was at a lose as to what to do. Historically, I’ve had trouble giving things up. Lent was spent mocking my more pious friends. I still have letter and notes from every single one of my CouchSurfers. I… am playing World of Warcraft again. I briefly entertained the thought of giving up alcohol. Of …

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A Month Of… Transit: Stop Somewhere New

Food and Fam

Next Month’s show will be A Month Of Transit: Stop Someplace New Facebook link One of the things I like about this task is how it’s worded. Rather than, “Go Someplace New” it’s “Stop Someplace New.” It reminds me that every time I commute there are little hidden gems, quaint adventures, interesting and unexpected people …

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