Jul 28 2014

Moving On


Yes, yes, I know we were allowed to destroy sentimental objects in ways OTHER than setting them on fire. But from the moment I saw the task, I knew that for me, fire was the only way. Luckily a number of other people at the show felt the same way, so we agreed to meet …

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Jul 27 2014

TGI Friday’s or How I Destroyed My Dignity

Recently, Caity Weaver, a Gawker reporter, stayed at a TGI Friday’s for 14 hours, eating nothing but mozzarella sticks, in a bid for 5 days of (allegedly) paid vacation and internet infamy. Fueled by my need to execute the deal better and egged on by my peers, I would do the unthinkable: I would venture into TGI Friday’s and destroy my dining dignity.

My friend Jillian decided to tag along. This is our story.

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Jul 26 2014

Pictures Posted


Here is a small snapshot of photos from our tasking. Click the first photo to link to all the rest!

DSC_0521072514072514 DSC_0524072514072514 Fire Caroseen072514072514

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Jul 25 2014

Speak Easy by Waxwing a Talk by Andy Patton

A long time ago, I asked Andy Patton to talk to me about his game Speak Easy. Now that he’s hit his Kickstarter goal, (We backed him, and so should you!) I’d like to share some of the thoughts he had about the game.

Speakeasy is a Prohibition era role playing game that involves players dividing into two teams—the Mob and the Feds—and wheeling and dealing over the course of three hours to make sure their team comes out on top. To describe it to people I usually ask them if they’ve played Mafia, then say it is like that (minus the problems of Mafia) on steroids.

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Jul 23 2014

How to Make Pervasive Games Safer with Andy Patton


Andy Patton is a Chicago game designer who has worked on projects such as the Mafia-like game called “Speakeasy” and is the founder of Waxwing Puzzle Company, a company that designs clue-based mystery and adventure games for businesses, groups, events, etc. He also runs a successful blog that delves into various aspects of game design. …

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Jul 19 2014

Going to Readings; Eric May features July 22nd at City Lit Books

Photo by Mckenzie Yamauchi

I don’t know if he would remember this, but I first met Eric May, after a Story Week event. We rode down an elevator together and I listened intently as he spoke about a student’s recent work. Later he featured on an early podcast for us.

We run into each other fairly often, at readings and various events. This city is full of my favorite people, and he fits right into the great stuff going on in Chicago.

“How is your new show going?” He asked me at the Printer’s Row Lit festival.

“Awesome, but it’s hard to explain. You should come and see what we are doing. It’s sort of next level. If you liked the community aspect of the Story Luck show, it’s like that times ten.”

He came, and told two off the cuff tales about last month’s theme, “I’ve never met you, but I think you’re great!” That theme and other’s stories sparked for him, “I’ve never met you, but I bet you know where you’re going,” and, “I’ve never met you, but you look like X famous person!”

“It doesn’t matter what I’m dressed like, or how big a scowl I’m wearing, I’ve just got a look that says to people, He’s friendly and knows where he’s going, we should ask him for directions.” (Not a direct quote.)

Now, because I love Natalia Nebel, I knew he was going to be featuring in January 2015 at Sunday Salon Chicago. But that’s way too far away. I wanted to see him do a proper reading. His book, Bedrock Faith, had just been published to rave reviews and great sales.

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Jul 15 2014

July 2014 Podcast is up

A Month Of… I’ve never met you, but you’re great! A particularly upbeat podcast. Our rapid fire storytelling series continues to move at pace. We offer stories about compliments, both giving and receiving. A reminder, all our podcasts can be found here. And we will be meeting on July 20th to bonfire our sentimentality away. …

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Jul 12 2014

I’ve Never Met You: The Soap Opera aka Host MIA


A couple of years ago, I decided to do divorce, new job, and moving, all at the same time. I did surprisingly well, or at least it seems that way in retrospect. So, naturally, I had the confidence to approach more stressors without fear of losing it. The story below is about being absolutely open to meeting new people, trusting, falling hard, and picking up the pieces.

My stressors of choice this time were moving, job changes, and house guests. The biggest difference to this cocktail was that I am in a happy relationship for this one– to be honest, I think this makes things harder. Divorce was hard, but the only person I had to worry about was myself in that situation. In addition to a partner, I also have a lot more friends than I did last time. I am always concerned with other people’s feelings, so this magnified my issues ten fold.

Moving, job changes, and house guests– NBD, right?

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Jul 10 2014

A Month Of… Moving On

“Burn or destroy something that has sentimental value to you.” The audience was a little dark. Two votes, dark. Awesome food. Great Stories. Pictures and podcast forthcoming. Tomorrow, you’re likely to get an email kicking off the discussion of the group task. I’ll probably help out with that, but I’m also going solo this month. …

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Jul 09 2014

Pride and Prejudice: The Art of Compliments

photo 4

Giving compliments is something that has always come easily to me. There are so many lovely people in this world and I’ve always had the bravado to tell people how wonderful they are. Taking compliments however, is certainly not my forte and I think that is the case for many people, these days. Self deprecation …

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