Apr 13 2015

Monday Storytelling Links

Since this is A Month Of… Maps: Create Your Own Map.

I thought I’d search out and link you to some collection of alternative maps.

The first I ran into was this short Esquire slide show.

Which despite what the above image might suggest, is predominately a collection of Data Maps.

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Apr 09 2015

A Month Of… Maps!

A Month of Trains

Create your own map.

We had a good show last night, new folks came, and we welcomed a new host Bonnie Fan.

The stories varied wildly and it felt like a group of friends having a ruckus discussion gently guided by the joyous panda that is our fearless leader Duo.

After a debate, and several switching of votes, next month’s theme was decided.

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Apr 06 2015

Storytelling Links of the week

Storytelling links of the week! Each Monday we will be posting a week’s worth of Storytelling links to peruse and digest. These links will be a curated by various members of the Story Luck team and will represent a wide range of genera. The only criteria for these picks is that they be about narrative, …

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Apr 02 2015

Warm Reception


In which Duo realizes he needs to think before he speaks.

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Mar 05 2015

Working As Intended


In which everything is as they should be.

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Feb 12 2015

Next Month’s Show will be themed Tell Us About the Cook

Tell Us About the Cook Interview someone! Who would you like to interview? Would you like to be involved in the group task? If you do the task this month, be sure to let us know in the comments section here.

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Feb 11 2015

Tonight’s theme Love Connection and a Poem by Allison Barrett

Feb 2015 Before I knew How Easy It Was Allison Barret

Join us!

A Month Of… Love Connection
Every 2nd Wed of the Month!
7:30 Food
8:00 Show
Facebook Invite

Below you’ll find this month’s poem on the topic. Poems are written by Allison Barrett.

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Dec 10 2014

Matcha Cookies Four Ways

In which Duo cooks and tells you how.

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Dec 10 2014

Taking my own Advice

WIN_20141209_230641 (2)

Some regular readers (do we have regular readers?) may know that I occasionally consult a book called the I Ching. I do this by throwing sticks at a mat in a very complicated way. That’s not important right now. What’s important is that this month has been a big one for me, my life has …

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Nov 11 2014



Good evening sirs and/or madams. I must deliver to you a pressing communique from a CLOSE PERSONAL FRIEND. My friend/associate goes by the name of TENNYSON GRINN, ESQ. Please find attached a photograph of the aforementioned: Tennyson Grinn is an imaginary person. BUT DO NOT LET THAT FOOL YOU. Tennyson Grinn may be imaginary, but …

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