Noah Firestone

Noah lives in Columbus Ohio, where he put on Journey to the End of the Night, and sits on the Board of Directors for Story Luck.

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Started but not finished :/


The first step to being a god is becoming a barrister. Death was not a king or a crone as some of the ancients thought, It was not a skeleton; it did not ride a buffalo or carry a scythe. No, tdeath was a bureaucracy.

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We manage what can easily be measured, and measure what can easily be managed.

Writing Prompt day 2 of 30.

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Daniel Boyd Performing Dec 5th, A Book that Changed my Life

Please come support Dan and Literacy Works, on Thursday Dec 5th at the Fulton Street Collective. Literacy Works teaches adults to read both via low literacy advocacy and by way of ESL classes. Literacy works with multiple organizations in Chicago to create workshops and rubrics for teaching teachers. While it’s a hard number to quantify, …

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What Do You Want From Me?

The idea is simple: collect a large-ish sample of instructions, analyze them, and plot a course of action accordingly. Clearly, I trust each and every one of my friends to play nice.

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