Thank You

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who came this past Wednesday and shared at Here’s the Story. The room was an excellent mix this month – we had lots of visitors from out of town, a big storytelling class hailing from Tennessee, a suspicious number of Chicagoans from Ohio, and all kinds of overlapping themes… from funerals to relationships with fathers to vaginas in a variety of, um, sticky situations. That’s right. I said it. If you were there, you know what I’m talking about.

One of the reasons we don’t give a prompt or dictate show themes at HtS is because we want to give people the opportunity to observe the natural themes and coincidences that emerge when folks are invited to trust themselves and tell the stories that they feel most drawn to. There is a Native American medicine circle in the Si Si Wiss tradition which holds the belief that stories are a way that we learn, and that when you share a story that is pulling on your heart to tell it and do so with care, it is because there is someone listening who needs to hear it.  I also find that when a group of people share stories in this way, themes emerge that are larger and more interesting than anyone could have dictated with a single topic or prompt. And I sometimes wonder if these serendipitous, common-thread themes are unique to what each group needs to take away from the experience.
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I hope so. I hope all of you are getting what you need from these events! And that, if you are coming and feeling like you have, or want, something that is missing, you will bring it with you next time!  If there’s a kind of humor or insight or patience or excitement or art that you would like to see on our stage, please bring it, or tell us about someone who can. These nights are for you, and just like our potlucks, they are made entirely and equally by how each of us gives and receives.

Many thanks to Aaron Carter, Arlene Malinowski, Joe Janes, Stephanie Douglass and Jen Burns for crafting the longer, featured stories from Wednesday night. Thank you for the work you put in to bring us these funny, sad, beautiful moments. And thanks to all of our walk-up tellers, too! You all have that singular courage to get up and share on the spot. Everyone’s work was fantastic last night. Thank you Christopher for entertaining us with your songs and accepting the invitation to return next month!

Thanks all and each!  With love (…and steely resolve to wrap things up by 10:15 next time!),


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