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An Outpouring of Thanks

April 1st was our first Anniversary! We are officially one year old. And a ton of you showed up to celebrate, thank you. It was great to see such a crowd of people checking in on us. I hope we dolled out an ample amount of hugs.

For those of you who missed the April 1st show or any of the past shows, live vicariously!

In observance of April 1st, one of our features this month was asked to tell a fib. If you want to skip the suspense, click bellow to find out who it was.
[spoiler effect=”blind”]Deanna[/spoiler]

April 2011 Here’s the Story Podcast Hope you liked this month’s cast!
Feature List: Cameron Esposito, Dave Jennings, Jeff Gandy, Bill Larkin, Deanna Moffit! (Stepped in for Emily Walker)

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April 1st Features Feature!

We have a stellar line up for our 1yr anniversary:

Emily Walker
Dave Jennings
Cameron Esposito
Jeff Gandy
Bill Larkin!

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