Congratulations to Ron and Xavier, we cordially invite you back to feature Sept 2nd

First off, special thanks to Monte for getting us these awesome photos, right after the show!

Second! Wow, 46 people filled out cards and we ended up with a tie. Both Ron and Xavier scored the exact same number of points. That’s crazy! They also scored the exact same number of 15s!

When counting up all the points I found it a little ironic that Ron got the most points from the three people in the audience who refused to be constrained by our tyrannical rules. Only 50 points! Pfft, how about I try and give away 61! Or, only 15 to one person? I’m going to drop 35 on on one person! What are they going to do? Normalize the scores, just like they said at the beginning of the show?

It’s great because that’s totally the sort of stunt I would pull, not out of malice to rules, but because I’m that bad at math.


Thank you to all of our features and to my co-host Janna Sobel for her wonderful hosting skills. She kept us moving and even though we started a touch late we totally made it through the final stretch on time. She’s worth double her weight in gold.

A particular shout out goes to Eric Bjorlin who graciously jumped in for Vernon who had a family emergency. Eric will be at the Chicago Fringe Fest this year with a show called Sorry to Disappoint Me.

We haven’t heard back from Ron or Xavier quiet yet, but I suspect we will be able to see them both on Sept. 2nd and I’m very much looking forward to it.

Great show everyone, it’s beautiful to be able to participate with you guys.

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