Congratulations Lily Be, and thank you for accepting our invitation to tell on Aug 5th

That’s right, Lily Be has been asked and accepted the invitation to come back. We super appreciate it, Lily.

Lily Be’s story was poignant and played in nicely with the themes of the night. Particularly in regard to the prompt, “Tell us about a time you trusted someone and it turned out to be the right thing to do.”

Hopefully we will see you all back next month to see what Lily Be is rocking. We have a ton of shows coming up, please stay tuned to this website for more info on what’s going on and how to attend.

Here’s the Story is poised to grow, and before I fall asleep at the keyboard I’m going to say there is a whole crew of people that come together over the month to make this show possible. Though a lot of times Janna and I think of this as our baby, it’s got a life of it’s own. And there are a number of people behind the scenes that really make it work. Double and, if there wasn’t an audience, receptive and caring, we wouldn’t be doing this.

Thanks for collaborating on this project with us.

And special thanks to Monte for taking pictures and posting them on facebook for us to easily snag.

See you Aug. 5th! And before that on the internet, and maybe every once in a while at some other shows. (I’m going to a concert at the Viaduct this weekend if anyone else wants to go.)

And goodnight!

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