The New Podcast Is up

Here is July’s podcast.

I am a big believer in focusing on the live experience. I want the live show to be the best it can be. All our performers should feel comfortable talking directly to the people in front of them, bring props, go without a mic, dance around, pantomime, or whatever it is they need to create magic in that room that night. We don’t sacrifice the beauty that happens live to help a digital replication.


Live, meant for the stage performance, doesn’t translate to the screen well, and similarly the podcasts aren’t as much fun as the shows.

One of the things Janna talked about when we were designing the show, was a call to avoid architecture, to allow for the organic growth of the event and the evenings. We believe this was the right move, and that because of this hands-off approach there have been truly magical nights where connections were made, nights where themes emerged, nights where it all came together for specific people in a specific room.

We live in fleeting moments.

Still, we are deeply interested in sharing with rouges, vagabonds, those out of state, and the cute girl next door, the one who just can’t bear to leave; we want them all to listen in. We want to allow for everyone to share these experiences with us after the experience itself is over.

We can’t make everything free. But having a year’s worth of stories archived is a really fulfilling feeling. We are brainstorming on ways to make the podcasts more accessible, more tangible, and to explore new ways to ring magic out of them. (We have a lot of great ideas on how to do this, but not as much time as we’d like.)

A few months ago Janna touched my shoulder, she took me over to a young woman and told me, “Dan, you’re going to be thrilled, she says she came because she listened to the podcasts and wanted to see what it was like live.”

I have been failing to write about that moment for a couple months now. A lot of the people who come to the show are people I have personally touched, or come in contact with. A lot of the people who come are people who love Janna. (She’s kind of a big deal.)

But here was this girl, an expectant semi-excited smile on her face. She was there not just for the new stories happening that night, but because of the stories we’ve collected as a whole.

She found the digital version, the part of the fleeting moment we could catch, and in that memory there was a Pied Piper’s tune.

Janna was right, I was glad to see it.

Here again is the podcast.

I hope it makes some of you want to show up August 5th It definitely has that effect on me.

Here’s the Story
1225 W Belmont
Every First Sunday: 7:30
Next Show: Aug 5th

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