Sept: 15th Robot Apocalypse JEN

RSVP on facebook! This is a giant game of tag invented by the creators of sf0.org and is licensed under a creative commons attribution noncommercial license.

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This year’s course is majestic. This years course is one that will test your stamina and reignite why you fell in love with JEN in the first place.

This is the second iteration of the Robot Apocalypse version of JEN. As such we have new twists created by a team that’s been here before.

The game rules are the same. The story is the same. But the core is enhanced.

The story as we know it:

Sometime in 2012 robots looking exactly like humans started to assimilate people. The only way to tell a robot from a human was a simple ribbon around their arm. These robots don’t have emotions. They just want to turn everyone into machines. (We may never know why.) The robot takeover has massacred Chicago. The remaining humans are gathering in Roberts Square Park near the Jefferson Blue Line stop. There they will receive a map to five secret locations.

Each locations is staffed by a group of experts who will test each human to make sure they aren’t really machines. Once you’re proven to be human you’ll be given an item that will help you reach the moon. This item will work as proof of your humanity when you get to the final checkpoint.

Each checkpoint is a safe zone of unintention. You cannot be assimilated as long as the ward of unintention is active. Unfortunately they do not last forever.

This is why, after the race we will board an airship and escape. Perhaps along the way you will hear talk of another way to survive.

In the end your actions during the race will dictate the fate of humanity.

Basic Rules

You will meet at a crowded Roberts Square Park. There you will receive a map and two ribbons. One will be red. One will be blue.

The blue one will be placed on your arm. The red one will go in your pocket.

At 6:15pm you will follow the map across the city trying to make it to the secret checkpoints as quickly as you can. All the while you’ll be chased by robots wearing red ribbons.

If you get caught, you will hand over your blue ribbon as a prize to the chaser. You will take the red ribbon out of your pocket and place it around your arm. You are now a robot. The object of the game is to get to checkpoints without getting tagged or to catch as many runners as you can.

Advanced Rules

1. Chasers (Robots) may only catch one person at a time.
2. You must take the blue ribbon before you tag another runner.
3. Checkpoints are safe zones. No one can be tagged in a safe zone.
4. Safe zones will be noted on the map you receive in the beginning.
5. Public transportation is always a safe zone. The only thing that counts as public transit are buses and trains.
6. If there is an argument about who got caught, you settle it like adults in the dark of night between each other remembering the game is meant to be fun.
7. Everyone who makes it to the finish line is a winner and will receive a prize.
8. The runner who reaches the finish line first wins a trophy.
9. The chaser who captures the most runners wins a trophy.

Fill this out, and never miss another Here’s the Story event.
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