What a Fantastic Show! And Congratulations, Natasha!


To those who have been supporting Here’s the Story over the last five months, thank you. There are tons of ways people support us, money, time, an ear or a handshake, a smile after a show, a laugh during a monologue, and all those that help clean up or get tech working. It takes a lot of work to run a show, even one as foot loose and fancy free as Here’s the Story. No one who works on it gets paid. Everything everyone does is done out of their love for either us or the cause. Well, your support for our organization paid off last night in profound stories. That spirit of communication and spectacle was present and everyone at last night’s show was a participator in the back and forth, the give and take of telling and listening. Thank you.

I didn’t get a chance to say it out loud, but 50 points for 5 storytellers is intentional. A couple people sought fit to give all tens and I appreciate that sentiment. Between the walk up story swappers and the featured tellers it was an incredible onslaught tour de force of A game. The show made me quake. I couldn’t be more grateful.

And speaking of grateful, Natasha Greek, you edged out This Much is True’s Scott WhiteHair and we hope that you’ll join us next month as a featured reader. (Also, thanks for playing the blue and red game with me in the beginning.)


Last month we asked people to write love notes to the readers on the cards. This month someone took that idea and totally ran with it!


PODCAST (This should be fully uploaded by noon. Susan, your story is safe with us.)

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