Postcard From Story Club to Elizabeth’s Crazy Little Thing

Janna Sobel, God, I love the way you write. She was graced with a headlining slot along with Dennis Frymire at Story Club. I am not the only Janna follower. When I arrived, she was already flanked by the luscious Brandie Madrid and Brandie’s paramour, Matt. Here is the postcard I brought with me. sdfsd And as I’m wont to do, I got a cute girl’s boyfriend to write a little letter to Elizabeth’s Crazy Little Show. Here is what the splendid young man wrote. I–really like this one. A lot. He didn’t drop his name on me, but. . . . Thank you. image And it’s off! At next month’s show we are going to hand out postcards for everyone to write stories on and send them to us. Which I think will be a fun new project. See you guys soon.

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