Storytelling Point System!


Though you may also see last month’s score sheet due to us having a few left over, I wanted to preview the score card redesign today.

Whenever you go to a Here’s the Story Monthly Picnic Time you are endowed with 50 points. You may gift those points on the Walk-up Story Swappers. The Story Swapper with the most points will be announced on the website the next day and we will shoot them an email inviting them to be a featured reader next month.

The only rule we have is that you may not give more than 15 points to any one story swapper.

One of the things we’ve talked about but haven’t announced yet is that Here’s the Story will also have an award for the story swapper who receives the most points over the course of the entire year. So even if you don’t score the most points in a single night, you’ll get rewarded for persistent good work.

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