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Moving On

Yes, yes, I know we were allowed to destroy sentimental objects in ways OTHER than setting them on fire. But from the moment I saw the task, I knew that for me, fire was the only way. Luckily a number of other people at the show felt the same way, so we agreed to meet …

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TGI Friday’s or How I Destroyed My Dignity

Recently, Caity Weaver, a Gawker reporter, stayed at a TGI Friday’s for 14 hours, eating nothing but mozzarella sticks, in a bid for 5 days of (allegedly) paid vacation and internet infamy. Fueled by my need to execute the deal better and egged on by my peers, I would do the unthinkable: I would venture into TGI Friday’s and destroy my dining dignity.

My friend Jillian decided to tag along. This is our story.

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Pictures Posted

Here is a small snapshot of photos from our tasking. Click the first photo to link to all the rest!

DSC_0521072514072514 DSC_0524072514072514 Fire Caroseen072514072514

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