Enjoy June with These Storytellers

Get the chance to get out of the comfort zone of your neighborhood and branch out to hear and tell your own stories with these events this June.  The following events are open to the public and range from all ages.  With many of the following events in different states it is good for storytellers and writers to know what’s going on in other scenes! Storytellers are natural travelers, and via the power of the internet we can often live vicariously and visit stories being told far away. Storytelling is an art that is never constant and grows with experience.

Tell Your Story This Summer: 5 Storytelling Events

1. Illinois Storytelling Inc. gives storytellers plenty of opportunities this month to listen or tell their own stories. Their June events calendar gives a number of different ways and topics of telling a story like Story Drum on the 10th, Open Mic on the 14th, Stories Under the Stars on the 16th, etc. Those are only a few of the many events that are happening this month. The Illinois Storytelling Inc. is hosting so many storytelling events to give plenty of people the opportunity to share, for more information you can visit their calendar.

2. This summer the International Storytelling Center will be hosting the 13th year of Storytelling Live! The series titled Teller-in Residence lasts from May to November with different storytellers from around the world who come in every week to speak. The event is hosted in Jonesborough, TN—which is also known as the storytelling capital in the world. For ticket prices and more information you can visit their event website.

3. Ohio Order for the Preservation of Storytelling also known as OOPS is having their June conference the 21st. Their featured storyteller is Lyn Ford along with different storyteller workshops. This month conference asks the question, “Where has the magic gone in contemporary storytelling?” This event is a chance to learn and listen to storytellers and the development of a live story. For more information you can visit their website.

4. On June 23rd, MichiganStorytelling will be hosting the Ann Arbor Storytellers’ Guild and welcomes guest to come and share their stories at 2513 Jackson Avenue. The event starts at 2pm.

5. Donna Marie Todd, Shanita Jackson, Karen Eve are the storytellers of this summers Do Tell Storyfest 2014 in Flat Rock, NC. The performance is live and prefers guest of all ages; from children to adults because, “Storytelling is not just for kids!” It could be very interesting to have different age groups hearing the same story and seeing the different ways they relate or react to the stories.

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