Audrey Fegel Accepts the Invitation to Return!

Last night’s show was one of my all time favorites. Morals, ramblings, themes, craft, spontaneous-extemporaneous, and a not too shabby hosting job from your two stalwart ne’er do wells. (Paradox or contradiction?) If I don’t say so myself–this evening had it all.

It was a full crowd and a ton of great dishes were brought. Our first storyteller, Duo, brought in some amazing and lauded cupcakes, and there were a number of fantastic entrees as well. Thank you to everyone who came, paid, brought food, told stories, and listened last night.

I like to move around as the night progresses and so I picked up some food after Deanna Moffitt’s story and settled in the aisle to listen to Audrey Fegel. She commanded the stage, and as the lights bared down on her we were transported to Forever XXI where she was attacked by an over active imagination, attacked by knowing too much. She threw her bags to the ground, she dropped to her knees, and when everyone rushed to her aid, she realized, she wasn’t actually having a seizure at all.

All this month Audrey can be seen in As You Like it at the (re)discover theater. And next month, you can see her featuring for us at Here’s the Story!

Gregorie Thomas finished out the evening taking us on a trip that traversed all over the world, from Cabrini Green, to Iraq, Nato headquarters, Africa, and back to the streets of Chicago. All the while he reminded us that there are hard choices, and that making good choices, being moral, and being a good guy is what ultimately makes for a fulfilling life. Everyday we reach forks in the road, keep people around that will help you take the right path.

I said it last night, but I want to say it again. Thank you to everyone in the Here’s the Story comm

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