A Month Of… I Don’t Know You, but You’re Great!

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After each A Month Of… the audience chooses a theme for the next show. And all month long the audience and the hosts work on making that theme come to life in the world. This month we decided to get together and work as a team. It was a big success and we are going to continue doing this for the rest of the year.

So what did we do this month to celebrate the theme? For A Month Of… I Don’t Know You but I Think You’re Great! we got together, made a cool interactive banner, and went to the Chicago Pride Parade.

There hosts Cory O’Brien, Duo Yang, Polly Yukevich and a gaggle of great friends dolled out compliments to the passers by.

I can’t wait to see what Polly, Cory, and all of you end up writing about the experience. Remember, everyone who writes and submits proof they did the task to the website gets into the show for free.

Myself, I spent the day putting up posters and talking to people about A Month Of because I had already done the task another way. (My write up is coming soon.)

One of my issues with Pride is that it’s a bit commercialized. Many of the floats are simply advertisements for companies. And while I wanted to be a part of that marketing behemoth, the task itself isn’t about that. We aren’t meeting new friends, and handing out compliments because we want them to show up to the show. We aren’t trying to sell the something. Rather our compliments were sincere, a fun way to say thank you to a stranger. Thank you for what? Simply existing. We didn’t need anything else. Because, this month is about 1st instincts, gut reactions, the good choices we made right off the bat before even the blink of an eye. The first touch goal sort of moments.

Cory afterwords said, “It’s hard because this is the perfect thing, to show what we do, and how awesome our show is, but yeah, it’s kind of the point, to do the work for the good of the work.” (Not a direct quote.)

And so I traveled about for hours, passing out hand bills, telling people about A Month Of, squishing in the crowd, and meeting up after the task was over with Ava to keep meeting more people. And it was great. To anyone reading our website because some blue haired kid gave them a flier. Thanks! It was cool getting to talk to you for a minute. It was nice of you to listen.

Furthermore! We’ve got a lot of great pictures. So, upon request we have created a dedicated page on our website to show off all the pictures we’ve taken over the years. You can see our archive on our Flickr Page. Each month we will be uploading new photos and updating our back catalog.

See you July 9th!

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