Workshop! Workshop!

Monday January 4th at 6pm Central we will be working on storytelling with a special guest. You can catch us at twitch.tv/storyluck. Here is a link to the FB invite if you prefer to sign up there.

I met Bob through Sean Wellington. Both of us are part of the Grit writing community that Sean and Kurt are building through podcasts, workshops, and classes. This story that he’s been working on, is a touching moment of male bravado, and one where we are forced to contemplate ideals, integrity, and the reality of our physical limitations.

Bob Dancer is the premier video poker writer and teacher. He’s been a successful professional gambler for decades.

Now 73 years of age, while Bob still gambles, he’s turned his attention to storytelling. While he has clocked one virtual moth slam victory, he’d like to add several more of those before he’s done.

Today his story is about a marathon he ran about 30 years ago.

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