The Featureless Feature!

Here’s the Story
January 1st!!!!!
7:30 – 9:30
Potluck and open story swap

Here is the Facebook invite if that’s how you roll.

So we’ve done a few shows and one of the questions we get is, “Why don’t you guys do more straight up story swaps like you did that one time?” Well, for those of you particularly keen on that sort of vibe we’ve added extra shows this year for just that. And we are dedicating this first show to a straight story swap style.

We’ve switched to first Sundays of the month and that means we get to land on the absolute 1st day of the year. Kind of awesome.

For those of you who don’t know about this straight up story swap style, let me give a little run down.

We are all going to show up with food, sit on the stage, and anyone moved to tell a story will do so, next thing you know, that will spark an idea from someone else, and that spark will just keep on passing, sometimes there will be lulls, sometimes people will hop in with new sparks from out of no where, but there are no features, no points, no modus operendi, cept to tell a tale or two with friends.

We know most of you had a long night out last night, come settle down with us tonight.

I’ve got cookies and pizza.

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