Tertiary Delight’s Origin Story: Part 3

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It’s funny, I forgot that Priyanka was hanging out with me before the 1st show. I’m an invite everyone kind of person. I want everyone to show up to everything, all the time. As a writer, I never learned to be alone, so it makes sense that she was there, how else would she have gotten where I remember her, sitting on the air conditioner knees up, chin resting on their peeks? 

With Priyanka in tow, we mapped out 5 more sets of friends we thought would be interesting. I scored two people from my building, and a woman I was seeing at the time, Priyanka got a boy she was seeing and a guitarist she’d met through one of her best friends, Arta.

While weaving in and out of these people’s schedules, people would ask me, “What are you working on?” Tertiary Delight, I’ve found… doesn’t roll off the tongue until you’ve said it a few times. So I’d be left answering the question, “What’s that… besides a pun on Turkish Delight?”

In my rambling enthusiasm, I’d get to hear people talk about their longing for friendship. How they view and categorize the people in their lives. I’d probe people about their relationships to podcasters and youtubers and abstractly to podcasts. Some of the questions and thoughts startled me. More than one person told me, “I think of them as my friends.” Or, “If I’m lonely I’ll turn on a podcast. I do! It just makes me feel like I’m hanging out with people. A long drive with no one to call? Just listen in on some of my best friend podcast buddies.”

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Those conversations changed how I felt about this project. In the beginning it was just a lark I wanted to finish, but now that it’s done, it feels like it’s on the cusp of, important. Like there’s a niche of humanity who could really use some insight on what it means to be a friend. That these conversations could help people realize what they could have, or appreciate what they already do.

The first time you do something, there’s a learning curve, you never do it as well the first time, as you will the 100th time. This is our first time, and so let me say, to all the people who helped make this happen along the way, thanks for muddling through. Your stories are why we did this, and I know that everyone is going to appreciate them as much as we do.

Thank you Josh and Matt, Josh and Asa, Bria and Ashley, Cody and Jacob, Sal and Paul, Becky and Blaire.

Season 1 Episodes 1-8 release on March 1st but you can get a sneak peak of episode 7 at our Sound Cloud.

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