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Workshop! Workshop!
Monday Feb 15th 6pm Central
For those who prefer to watch on FB here’s the invite.

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Heidi will be at Workshop! Workshop! Monday the 15th

Heidi is a comedian and storyteller. I first met her at Second City, where she told a novel and humorous story about dressing up as Mr. T.

There used to be this great Sunday afternoon storytelling and comedy show, one right after the other. Part of the reason it was so great, beyond it was conveniently located for me and free, was that teachers at the school would assign showing up as part of their curriculum. So tons of comedians would always be in the audience, cheering on their friends and classmates. They were either teaching later or they were going to be in a class in a few hours anyway. So Sunday around noon, you had this packed house for an open mic.

I never told at this show, but I’d sit in the back and take notes. Sometimes draw pictures of the various tellers in a little notebook. Occasionally, make it an afternoon date spot. There was an atmosphere of joy being around these fresh faces, dedicated to learning this new artform, trying it out, on a stage that held a real magic.

There was a lot of special in the air at those shows. Heidi was a big part of that. She’s since moved to NYC and I highly recommend following her on social media.

IG @heidigrandberry
Website Heidigrandberry.com
FB Heidi Grandberry

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