Congratulations Joshua Safford!

Ahh, I’m so happy that Joshua Safford was so well received!

Totally fantastic! Thanks so much for coming out. A good friend, Kristin Abhalter, (Creator of the awesome Runner Trophy we presented during the robot apocalypse.) invited me out to a magic show a stint back and it’s there that I was introduced to Joshua for the first time. I slipped him a Here’s the Story postcard and upon looking at it he told me plainly, this is the sort of event for me. (Special thanks to Amy Kuttab for her great artwork.)

Well, a few days later and it seems the audience agreed! We have sent off an invitation and hope he’s got time January 1st. Here’s the Story will be first Sunday’s from now on.

Stay tuned for a full write up as well as the posting of the podcast. (Hopefully it will all be up tomorrow night night.)

Real quick though:

Thank you to all the features. This wouldn’t be the show it is without you. We really are lucky to have you, your spirit of generosity is felt through out the night, as you laugh, tell, mingle and share the stage with others. I was particularly touched by the grace each and everyone of you held. And I will be seeing you all again soon! Anyway, enough gushy stuff for now. I’m off to Grown Folks Tales!

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