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Journey Memories

Do you know this feeling!

I know this feeling!

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Memories from years ago

A little video I made after my first Journey. I hope you enjoy it.

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Quick Journey update to psych you up

Journey is the sort of thing that fills you with memories! In this series we are going to be highlighting some of the cool ones people gave us during the Robot Apocalypse back in Sept.

On the way to checkpoint 5, in the midst of Depaul’s campus, every college-aged person was a potential robot. As I came to a corner, I noticed a guy slowly turning so that his left arm was not visible to me. In an instant, we both sprinted across the intersection into traffic, where a taxi nearly hit both of us. I outran him, but a police patrol car took notice of the odd incident and heated chase. When I slowed to a walk, the patrol car pulled even with me, driving at the pace of my walk. For 3b locks, I had to look unsuspicious as he followed me, while also keeping a look out for robots and be ready to sprint again.

There will be more memories and anecdotes while we prepare for the next three weeks.

Hope to see you on Sunday the 6th and Saturday the 12th!

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Journey to the End of the Night Chicago May 12th

As we gear up for Journey to the End of the Night May 12th 2012, over the next three weeks we’ll be reminiscing a bit on Journey’s past, and we’ll come through on a promise to those apocalyptic runners from Sept. 2011 and offer up a proper coda. So expect to see pictures, recaps, and video from old Journey’s here as we get you psyched for May 12th.

Part of why you should be excited, is because we are excited. I am so happy to be a part of cg0 and to help create another great race. The experience has been a resounding blessing. I’ve gotten to meet and work with a slew of new people like the heads of this race, Shama and Ashley, all of whom have been crazy helpful and super hard workers. They’ve wrangled volunteers, made strong decisions, and shook out the map.

And it’s not just two or three people, there are going to be dozens of us working as a team to recreate the city for you.

Among those dozens is Here’s the Story. A fine crew indeed!

Each checkpoint this year will be unique, but Here’s the Story hopes to transport you to a whole new world and by doing so, help you along your Journey to the End of the Night, and through a special twist, nights later to come! Even if you don’t survive the early checkpoints, it may be worth your while to come check us out.

It is going to be pretty grand!

As a member of cg0 I’m looking forward to the event as a whole, but as a member of Here’s the Story, I’m super hoping our checkpoint ends up being one of your favorites!

Oh, what’s that you say? Some of you reading this don’t know what Journey to the End of the night even is? Let me give everyone a little refresher before you we go on.

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Journey to the End of the Night May 12th 2012

For more check out the links bellow

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