Quick Journey update to psych you up

Journey is the sort of thing that fills you with memories! In this series we are going to be highlighting some of the cool ones people gave us during the Robot Apocalypse back in Sept.

On the way to checkpoint 5, in the midst of Depaul’s campus, every college-aged person was a potential robot. As I came to a corner, I noticed a guy slowly turning so that his left arm was not visible to me. In an instant, we both sprinted across the intersection into traffic, where a taxi nearly hit both of us. I outran him, but a police patrol car took notice of the odd incident and heated chase. When I slowed to a walk, the patrol car pulled even with me, driving at the pace of my walk. For 3b locks, I had to look unsuspicious as he followed me, while also keeping a look out for robots and be ready to sprint again.

There will be more memories and anecdotes while we prepare for the next three weeks.

Hope to see you on Sunday the 6th and Saturday the 12th!

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