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Yes! Mom’s Cool.

Becky & Blair are my second favorite pairing in season one. They captured that feeling of two people talking unselfconsciously – In a way that no one else could. They also do one of the best jobs of setting up how they met and the arch of their friendship journey. It was a slow burn starting in grade school sports and cemented in and around college.

            They also encapsulated the insider outsider feel that a lot of good friendships have.

            Listening feels like eavesdropping on juicy yet good natured gossip.

            You might say some outrageous stuff, but it’s without judgement, it’s without malice. It’s just to entertain. Right when the podcast starts, we ask something like, “So how did you meet your best friend,” and Blaire – without missing a beat – responds, “But she’s not here though? Janna’s not here.”

            That sets the tone for teasing Janna. For teasing about another girl, named simply, two up, and teasing a host of other people, high school and college rivals, boyfriends and ex boyfriends, moms and dads and grandpas. But most of all, each other.

            There is a self-deprecation, heartwarming sentiment, and paradoxically a coy viciousness to a lot of this conversation between two Mad Lasses.

            (If you haven’t been to that subreddit, r/Madlass or r/Madladd you should check them out.)

            They were also the podcast we were most worried about. Now that I’ve listened to it 6 dozen million times, I’m no longer worried at all. It’s so obvious how much these two love each other and love everyone in their friendship group.

So… if you are ever shocked at what they have to say, maybe give it a dozen more listens, and you’ll get the subtext.

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