Thanks to Kelli Honeysweet who will be returning May 5th to feature with us again!

Thanks so much Kelli Honeysweet! We look forward to seeing you again May 5th.

What an amazing turn out! So many new faces. So many stalwart friends.

I’m going to come out and say it, at about 7:45 I thought, “There is no way we are going to fill this place.” I was super duper wrong.

To all the people standing in the bleachers, thank you soooo much! I wish we could have put more seats down but the fire marshal came by Stage773 and was like, 148 seats and no more! You were troopers galore.

One of the things I love about Here’s the Story is how all of you hold up the tellers. How attentively you actively listen. Seasoned professionals. Friends. Strangers. They all get the same amount of respect and attention.

Janna had talked about emergent themes, and looking back on the show as a whole it occurs to me how many stories involved reflecting on childhood. Particularly the cusp around high school and college.

How vivid are our memories of that time? What are the images that stay with us?

Coming of age tales are probably in my top five favorite genres of Here’s the Story stories. Ones where, even if we didn’t recognize it at the time, we grew up a little. I felt like Elizabeth’s tale started us off in that direction and the night continued to flow (with comedic tributaries here and there,) toward all sorts of life lessons.


Look at this crowd.

So much food. So many wonderful dishes. There was overwhelming support for us doing a food blog. If you are one of our culinary experts or even if you’re a culinary novice who happens to have a secret recipe from grandma. We’d love to feature your food stories and recipes. Send any info you have on what you brought or what you’re brining to Contact@heresthestory.org

And if you post photos of the food you are making for next month, we would love to feature them. We will make sure to take a lot of pictures of the food spread for next month too.

As always, if you enjoyed yourself and haven’t already, add us to twitter, facebook, g+ and all that good jazz.

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