Taking my own Advice

Some regular readers (do we have regular readers?) may know that I occasionally consult a book called the I Ching. I do this by throwing sticks at a mat in a very complicated way. That’s not important right now. What’s important is that this month has been a big one for me, my life has changed a lot, and I decided that I needed some advice from an old friend. So for this task I consulted the book of changes and wrote its answer on my arm. To wit:


WIN_20141209_230641 (2)

Clear and easy to understand, right? Okay,okay, let me explain. Each line in the image can be either broken or unbroken, yin or yang. The lines with the circle and X on them are changing lines, which reverse to produce EVEN MORE HEXAGRAMS.


This hexagram is actually three hexagrams. The first is Retreat. When confronted with a difficult situation, retreat advises me not to flee but to give ground. In an argument, I am to listen, acknowledge and refrain from defending myself. This is VERY hard for me, and the text for the changing line at the bottom of the hexagram (the one with he circle on it) tells me that it will not always go well for me. I may be angry, and I may not manage to totally defuse the situation.


Once the yin line at the bottom becomes a yang line, the image becomes one of heaven above, fire below: Seeking Harmony. I don’t know why Harmony is represented by heaven on fire, but I like it. This hexagram advises me to make amends with the people I have hurt, and assures me of success. The text of the second changing line (the one with the X) says “First tears, then laughter.” There are difficult times ahead, but by being sincere, giving ground, and being kind, all will end well.


When the second changing line becomes a yin line, the image becomes one of FIRE OVER FIRE, AN IMAGE OF FIRE. HOLY SHIT THAT’S AWESOME. In the I Ching, fire is a symbol of brilliance, creativity, and energy. But fire cannot persist without a strong, yielding center: the wood, or fuel. Thus this hexagram advises me to work with the wonderful people in my life in order that we can all achieve brilliant things. YESSSSS.

SO! If I have done you wrong in the past month, if I have offended you, or if you just want to talk, come to the show tomorrow night and talk to me. I will to my best to follow the advice the book has given me. And if I forget, just point to my wrist. It will be written there.

We encourage you to come share your stories at the live show! If you post a story about moving on in the comments here, you get into the show for free.

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