Storytelling Links of the week

Storytelling links of the week!

Each Monday we will be posting a week’s worth of Storytelling links to peruse and digest. These links will be a curated by various members of the Story Luck team and will represent a wide range of genera. The only criteria for these picks is that they be about narrative, and of interest to the author who picked them.

So without further intro:

First off this week I’m leading with an app by Adobe that allows you to make stories. It reminds me of the hypertext players I used as a kid. Mostly failed attempts at creating the classic pick and choose your own ending adventures. Both mine and the shareware ones I downloaded back in grade schoo.

It’s interesting to see that we are still cumbersome in merging interactivity with storytelling. But also still trying to wrangle the power of digital photos and moving pieces with traditional text stories.

Would you ever use this product? Did you ever make something like this? And what’s up with the Adobe’s framing in this video?

The first personalized rejection letter I ever received was from an online sci-fi magazine called Strange Horizons. It likened me to a comic book writer I’d never heard of, Brian Michael Bendis.

Brian has a new internet tv show produced for the Sony Playstation Network based on his break out work.


The conceit of the story is not unlike, The Incredibles, Heroes, or Watchmen. The reviews for Powers have been middling to bad, but it’s got me excited enough to finally go look for the original books.

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