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Since this is A Month Of… Maps: Create Your Own Map.

I thought I’d search out and link you to some collection of alternative maps to get our creative juices flowing. If you were going to make an alternative map, how would you do it, what would it be of? I want to make a map of the coolest base ever. Or maybe a castle with a hidden tunnel kingdom underneath.

The first collection I ran into was this short Esquire slide show. Which featured the map below. A map created by a group called the interboro partners.

Which despite what the above image might suggest, is predominately a collection of Data Maps.

Here I found a collection of Alternate Maps by famous artists.

Image from the book all rights to the author

I love the work people do with cut ups. Creating new images or stories by revealing the lines beneath them in pages otherwise hidden. I find them hard to read, but I love to look at them, and I like the struggle involved. I’m forever impressed with the work that goes into this technique.

And that book lead me to The Book of Legendary Lands by Umberto Eco. Which, I’m chagrined to say I was unaware of.

Umberto Eco annotates and adds commentary to his favorite fantasy maps?! Sign me up! Get me to the library, double quick.

What sort of alternative maps could you come up with? It looks like we are trying to meet up on May 1st or 2nd to make something together! Do you want in? Email Contact@storyluck.org

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