Journey to the End of the Night – Robot Apocolypse: JEN


I want you to close your eyes. No wait, I want you to read this first and then close your eyes. I want you to imagine fun. I want you to imagine childlike fun. I want you to remember the most epic game of hide and go seek you ever played. The best game of capture the flag. The first time you were declared it, and you thirsted for vengeance.

I want you to concentrate on the setting and remember who was there. I want you to envision the blades of grass. Feel the way they fall beneath your feet, the blacktop and how hot it is against your hand as you skid, duck, and dodge.

Close your eyes and think about the tag games of your past. Savor them. Take time with this.

Journey to the End of the Night is better than that. You’re an adult now, at least you pretend to be and it shocks me that this is true, but you can have that youthful exuberance and fun and power and you can have it better than you remembered it being.

Journey to the End of the Night and Here’s the Story aren’t institutions about reliving past glories, or trying to capture something lost. It’s about building upon those old experiences to create a new form of entertainment, one that’s better, wiser, cooler.

So for those that haven’t done Journey to the End of the Night before, let me explain the nitty-gritty rules.

Basic Rules

You will meet at a park crowded with people. There you will be handed a map and two ribbons. One will be yellow. One will be blue. The blue one will be placed on your arm. The yellow one will go in your pocket. When the gun goes off you will follow the map across the city trying to make it to 6 checkpoints as quickly as you can. All the while you’ll be chased by those wearing yellow ribbons. If you get caught you will hand over your blue ribbon as a prize to the chaser. You will take the yellow ribbon out of your pocket and place it around your arm. You are now a chaser. The object of the game is to get to checkpoint 6 without getting tagged or to catch as many runners as you can.

Advanced Rules

1. Chasers may only catch one person at a time.
2. You must take the blue ribbon before you tag another runner.
3. Checkpoints are safe zones. No one can be tagged in a safe zone.
4. Safe zones will be noted on the map you receive in the beginning.
5. Public transportation is always a safe zone. The only thing that counts as public transit are buses and trains.
6. If there is an argument about who got caught, you settle it like adults in the dark of night between each other remembering the game is meant to be fun.
7. Everyone who makes it to the finish line is a winner and will receive a prize.
8. The runner who reaches the finish line first wins a trophy.
9. The chaser who captures the most runners wins a trophy.

Special Notes and spoilers about this Journey: JEN

We love JTTEOTN and its absurd acronym. That being said, we want to take it and play with its form a bit. And to this end we are coming up with the variation J.E.N. We hope that this idea can be added to, re-imagined or expanded on if people so chose for later JTTEOTNs.

Here is the outline of the basic story.

I. This Journey is set in alternate universe Chicago.
__A.The runners are humans beleaguered by a war with robots.
__B.The chasers are the robots.
II. The story of how and why robots are running about chicago turning humans into robots will play out in the Disorder of the Wild Onion website.
__A. Robots live forever.
__B. Humans die but have free will.
III. Human resistance comes up with a plan called Journey to the End of the Night (The Game)
__A. Run away from the robot menace?
__B. Stay and fight?
__C. Find another solution?
IV. Players choices determine the outcome of the short story.

Because this journey has an overarching storyline, there are some themes we will be looking to get people to interact with and actively think about during the game. To this end, every checkpoint will lead you further and further into the story. Every checkpoint will have you prove you’re human. And throughout the game you will be asked to make decisions based on the knowledge you have acquired so far.

To help facilitate this story/narrative we will be updating Disorder of the Wild Onion with blog posts from different characters in this alternative Chicago universe. Some of them you may meet along your run. Some will just provide you with color and mythos. Our goal is to create the structure for an immersive imaginative playground. One that can be immersed in, but one that will still be tag.

tin man's light

Both the runners and the players will be asked if they want to make recorded decisions and these decisions will affect the outcome of the overall story which will be updated at the website soon after the completion of the game. (We will tally up the marks and post the story’s conclusion on Sept. 24th.)

For those of you who haven’t singed up yet! Please do! And invite everyone. The more people who play the more fun running around will be.

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