A Month Of – Dreams: find the stuff fiction is made of

It was a conversational show. After the stories people asked questions. Said, “Wait, what about?”

The show felt sort of dreamy to me. The way it ebbed and flowed reminded me of a tired late night conversation between friends. One where you don’t want to go to bed, so you ask one more question, you proffer one more story.

Outside above us, above the lights, meteors showered us.DSC_0581081614

Perhaps that played a part in choosing next months theme?

We debated over three possible themes, weighed pros and cons before narrowing it down to two front runners, Dreams and Criminal Intent.

Dreams has a number of story possibilities that come to mind right away. Nightmares are often pretty trippy to hear retold. What did you want to be when you grow up? Did you ever attain a dream?

I was named after a famous dream interpreter, I might be coaxed into talking about that!

For the group task I wondered if it wouldn’t be fun to make someone’s dream come true. Some people liked that idea. One person said, “There are certain dreams I’m not comfortable making come true.”

And Bonnie said, “What if we ask a bunch of people to tell us everything they can about the last dream they remember, and then we try and make THAT come true?!”

I think that’s a pretty fun idea. If you want to join us, shoot an email to Contact@storyluck.org and we will coordinate times for everyone to get together and make it happen.

Storyteller and host Bonnie Fan

We encourage you to come share your stories at the live show! If you post a story about the task in the comments here, you get into the show for free.

A Month Of
Stage 773 1225 W. Belmont
Wed Sept 9th 7:30-10:00
$10 free with a posted story or shared dish

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