99 Second Story – Featuring Nadia Felecan

Nadia at Second City Chicago tells a 99 second story
Nadia Felecan

Nadia Felecan told this 99 second story for the first time at Sean Wellington’s 99 second story slam. And it’s going to take her to the Grand Slam in a few weeks. Meanwhile, if you want to see more of these 99 second stories, check them out on our website here.

It’s a little on the nose, due to the nature of her story, but there’s a punch to these micro stories that you just don’t get from 5 minutes. Ninety-nine second stories are sort of like one shots or comedy one liners. They’re a great way to get into storytelling.

Cutting your stories down to the bare essentials is like playing lightning chess. You hone your craft by putting new pressures and constrictions on.

Facebook Invite to the show on the 31st where you’ll be allowed to help pick a winner!

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