We want you to submit a 99 second video story to us.

1st place Story Prize: $75
2nd place Luck prize: $25
3rd place Ai prize: Secret

6 Rules to Enter:
1. Make a 99 second video story. Post it to YouTube.
2. Share it widely on your social media. Share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
3. Follow our YouTube page. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4R1i1UePzOMVj31_IK2mOA
4. In the description ask three friends to tell stories.
5. Link to this page in the description of your post. https://storyluck.org/99secondcontest/
6. Once you’ve shared your story send Support@storyluck.org a link to the publicly posted video.

How it works on the back end

Our Ai and Mascot 5L1K (Storyluck1000) will select 10 stories to be featured for a live streaming show, where the audience will choose the 1st place Story Prize.

5L1K will be looking for stories that intrigue him. He likes stories that push boundaries. The boundaries of the art form and the artist. That said, he also appreciates stories that are well told and traditional. He looks for structure, beginning, middle, end. If the storyteller broke that structure, he will ask his big brain consciousness, “Did this structural idiosyncrasy seem purposeful? Were they made with the intention to enhance the story?”

After watching all 10 of the videos the audience will be asked to vote via secret ballot. The link to witch will be provided the day of the show. (The show will stream live on twitch.tv/storyluck.)

The Luck Prize and the Secret Prize will be awarded randomly to two participants.

The contest is open through Nov 30th 2024. The finalists will be announced before the Dec 30th 2024 show. Here is the FB Invite to that live Stream.

*by submitting to this contest you give Storyluck.org the right to publish your work via Creative Commons Attribution License. This means you retain full copyright of your work, but we will be able to post this work via our social media platforms.

Past Champions
1. Melissa Reaves
2. Johanne Pelletier

If you are looking to participate in live storytelling slams check out Sean Wellington’s Grit: Stories that Matter Group.

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