Zombie Jesus Easter Potluck Party

Zombies for you
So I was sitting around in Nathan’s sun room, just kibitzing while he did some computer chicanery, “Listen, Janna can’t make the first show and she’s the pull for getting people to show up. So I was thinking, why don’t I just throw a party?”

He asks me, “What’s the theme?”

“I got nothing. I want it to be a potluck, because I like people being fed. That’s all I got.”

“Hear this,” and he turns away from his computer squares me up, eye to eye, and says, “Zombie,” … “Jesus,” … “Easter,” … “Potluck,” … “Party.”

My mind was blown.

Think of how cool the cookies you can make are!

Now I’m going to tell you to listen. Zombie Jesus Easter Potluck Party. This shit sells itself. So show up. It’s free. You’ll make some zombie cookies, someone will make, I don’t know? Brains Lasagna! We can fit over 150 people so tell everyone. I will buy the Keg, and we’ll take donations. If you donate $10 you’ll get a sweet limited edition T-shirt, designed by a local Chicago artist.

I think this is going to be the most fun I’ve ever tried to have. We’ve got a sound system so we will play music and we are close enough to half-way Halloween that we might as well celebrate it, right? Chicago doesn’t have enough excuses to dress up.

Who needs an excuse?

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