What was worked on today

Quick little update before I fall asleep. Went to a show which I’ll write about in more depth tomorrow.

Had a meeting with Bonnie Fantastic. (She grilled me on inclusivity issues and told me she’s sadly moving to Pittsburg.)

Had a phone meeting with Noah Firestone. We talked about an interactive programing bootcamp he’s working on and the secret sticker club we are starting.

Reached out to Kirsa Molina, Baxter Orr, Ali Canterella, and Dan Miller about possible art collaboration stuff.

Emailed some writers to help beef up the news posts on the blog, and reached out to some people we owed money too for past help. Got a hold of one and paid that debt off. Reaching out via facebook to the other.

For lack of a better term for it, Managed the Story Luck Endowment Fund.

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