Trish Sullivan

Trish Sullivan is a Chicago stand-up comedian and storyteller who has been described as having “big mom energy.” She has lived most of her life in Chicago but moved to Omaha, Nebraska, for two and a half years and began taking improv comedy classes and transitioned to stand up comedy. She came to storytelling by accident: Someone asked her to perform at a storytelling event after her return to Chicago. Her stories are usually deeply personal, sometimes funny, sometimes tragic and sometimes somewhere in between. She is the host of a weekly open mic for women and nonbinary people and produces a monthly online comedy showcase, Is It Hot in Here

How we met!

Trish and I met through a comedy and storytelling workshop run by Sydney Davis Jr. Jr.

There we: told some hard stories, discussed research, she gave me insight into comedic timing, worked hard on playing with voice. Above in her bio she talks about that “Big Mom Energy,” she has. It was cool to see the different ways that energy pops. What was your mom like? Did you ever compare or contrast that energy to other’s in your orbit, friends, frenemies, enemy’s? Trish’s story are universal and she’s got a unique ability to play with roles, mom, comedian, commentator, and bring those aspects to her stories so that they read very differently depending what energy she decides to bring.

See you all on Monday. 6pm central time. Twitch.tv/storyluck and if you are so inclined, you can join the FB invite here.

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