The T-shirts are Finished

So we’ve been remiss in posting articles, but it’s in part because we’ve been busy having so many adventures. That means when we do get the time to sit down and set things to screen we’ll have a lot of content forthcoming. And speaking of screens! Here’s the Story spent all night working on hand-printing Chocolate Zombie T-shirts. We really-super-duper hope you like the final product.


Hottest Model we Could Find 

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to a prettier model at the moment.

We plan to have a making-of video montage at some point, but it might not be up till after we do next month’s shirt. Thank you super much to Kenton, he went into the studio late last night and really knocked the shirts out of the park. And special thanks to Spudnik Press whose studio we used to make the final product.

Creating the shirts was a great learning experience and I really hope you guys enjoy this month’s offering! Any donation of $10 or more will snag you a shirt. They will be in a variety of sizes, colors and vintage DIY look. We will be giving them away as thanks to anyone who donates $10 or more.

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