Facebook Invite is up, Thanks, and Coming Soon

zombie potluck party

So I just want to give a quick update on the April 6th potluck.

The event has been posted on Metromix, and Zombie Chicago has been kind enough to plug the event as well.

My good friend Noah saved me the horrible fate of making a Facebook of which I have an irrational fear. For those of you who have a Facebook hopefully you’ve gotten the invite and if you haven’t here it is. Pass it around, please and thank you.

Posters were put up around the Lakeview area, hopefully they weren’t pulled down as soon as this cold front hit.

In the near future we are planning some fun posts:

Haphazard yet entertaining tutorial detailing the adventure of getting our Zombie on. The cheap and dirty way.
A review of next week’s Moth show should be up shortly after Tuesday.
A videoblog should be up next weekend showing the trials and tribulations of making Chocolate Easter Brains.

If anyone’s confused, just think of this as a potluck. It is our hope that at parties like this, stories will just happen, unforced, and unmediated. People will just start talking to each other and it’s fun to hang out in that sort of environment. Especially when there is food.

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