RAJEN 2014 Info Dump

Adler Planetarium
Saturday 6:30 Pm

Finish Stage 773

Donations for Net Neutrality

This event is 100% free, so why are we asking people to donate?

This year we’ve decided to do something special and we’ve partnered with Common Cause, a group that’s educating the public about the importance of Net Neutrality. Looking at past proposed legislation like SOPA — which Story Luck along with websites like Wikipedia and Reddit protested by blacking out our sites two years ago — we feel it’s clear the major ISPS don’t have the consumer’s best interest at heart. Those same ISPs have now gone through the court system to get the sorts of regulations they want approved. For the most part this has been a rousing success for them. This has succeeded because right now, the internet isn’t considered a public utility. The FCC has decided that the internet isn’t as important as your telephone. We disagree. The United States should make it a priority to get everyone access to unfettered internet on the cheap. Just like you have access to a cheap land line for your phone. The internet has proven to be an important equalizer and medium for sharing our stories. Story Luck is proud to stand with Common Cause on this issue.

In it’s simplest form, Net Neutrality is about keeping the internet accessible to all users. It proposes that we enact laws that make sure we don’t discriminate between small and large content providers. CNN should have access to the same users as Story Luck and your personal blogs.

That said, it’s a big issues with a lot of sides and stories. And we don’t want you to make a blind decision, nor simply take our word for it. Here is a great article detailing some of the pros and cons of Net Neutrality and giving you an overview of where we are, right about now. (Though things are changing quickly.)

If we don’t secure net neutrality, accessing websites like Story Luck could be arbitrarily gated through money and things like throttled speeds. Without Net Neutrality ISPS will be able to create packages on a per users basis. Do you want 100 people to see your website? Pay this much! Do you want a million people to be able to see your website, pay a lot more. Also, users like you will have to make those same hard choices, Do you want access to 5 websites? 100? Or the whole internet, each tier will have a different pricing structure.

Net Neutrality is a win for Story Luck. We use the internet to organize, listen, and tell stories, and if we have to pay even 10$ more a month to reach the same audience or more likely a truncated portion of that audience, or if the system is set up so that you have to pay $10 more a month just to reach us, that will mean we get less people out to events like RAJEN, Story Luck, and A Month Of. It doesn’t matter that our events are free if we can’t let people know about it easily and efficiently.

Here you can see the teams who have signed up. Donate through their link or create your own team. The team that raises the most money will receive a trophy. This is our first time trying to raise money for a cause outside of strictly storytelling. Please help us reach our goal of $250. There is no obligation to donate, the race will go on every year no matter what, but we think it will be a more vibrant, wonderful thing with Net Neutrality in place. Please consider donating, thanks to everyone at Common Cause for helping out with this initiative.


When you’re playing tomorrow. Obey the law. This is just a group of people getting together to have fun. There’s no real organization, there’s no real liability. We make everyone sign a waiver as a formality, but also so you remember to stay safe. When you’re in the heat of the moment, it can be hard to remember that games are just games.

So while you’re running or sneaking around, whether it’s at a checkpoint, or in the heat of a chase remind yourself, “This ain’t worth getting hurt over.”

Stick to the side walk and well lit areas. Be a goody two shoes. If you get caught, you’re still in the game, and you can still win prizes. You’re just on the robot team, no shame in that, you dirty robot. :)



Do not expect to get back to the Adler at midnight. Park near stage 773 and then trip down to the planetarium.

Contact info
Phone: (312) 775-2693

Rules of the Game

Once at the park you will receive a map to 5 secret locations and 2 ribbons. One goes on your arm, the other in a back pocket. That shows you’re in the game. Race to the secret location on the map trying not to get caught. You must be on foot or take public transit.

Safe zones are on the map. A stopped bus creates a safe zone around the bus. A bus stop isn’t safe unless a bus is there. Train stations are safe zones. Safe zones are safe on both sides of the street. All public transportation is a safe zone.

If you catch someone as a robot, you must have their ribbon before in possession, and they must be a robot, before you can tag anyone else.

If there are any fights about who is in a safe zone, or who got caught when, the runner always wins.


Think about circuitous routes. Where will robots not be looking? Blend in with the crowd. This goes for both robots and humans. Use public transit but don’t get off.

If you get bored, or tired, come straight to the after party!


Keep inviting People

This is happening rain or shine.

Push the FB invite, the meet up invite, and this post to all your friends in and around Chicago. We made this for you, and you’re going to love it!


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