My Short Masterclass Story

What follows is my honest opinion; in addition, all links are affiliate links, and if I’m quoting anyone it’s a misquote. I’m not taking dictation while watching these courses. That said, I will never write about something just to sell you on it. I’m simply not interested in spending time writing negative reviews – I’m not a critic, I’m a storyteller. I found this course so valuable that I want you to buy it.

Story Luck sought them out because we felt this series of courses would be valuable to our audience. Over the coming year, we are going to have a lot of stories to tell you about taking these classes. 

Workshop! Workshop! Keeps me incredibly busy but I’d like to start making masterclass my go to for weekly lessons on the live show.

I’ve completed 4 of the online video courses on writing, David Sedaris, Neil Gaiman, Steve Martin, and Salman Rushdie. Each course comes with a packet of material, of which I’ve finished three. The material is much more in depth and unique than I expected. (I’ve been less impressed with the smattering of classes I’ve looked at outside of the field of writing.) Classes tend to be 4-8hrs worth of lectures and 100 pages of notes to help guide you. In some cases, the notes seem to be compiled or ghost written by an intern, but they help flesh out some of the more informal aspects of the lectures. There is not interaction, these are all pre-recorded lectures, however, the notes tend to cover the questions you might have after watching the course.

I’m the sort of person who is easily persuaded by expertise… it doesn’t take much beyond success to convince me you know what you’re talking about. I said at the beginning, buy the course. That will continue to be my position.

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