Here’s the Story Profit and Loss Statement

Here is a look at our financial statement. And I want to take this time to talk a little bit about how things were factored and what our goals are for this year and moving forward into the future.

First though, I am going to say we are a little humbled looking at this. Certainly we are a not-for-profit and as such money isn’t our primary goal, telling stories is.

That said, we do want to be financially solvent and that’s something we haven’t successfully obtained and aren’t likely to attain in 2012. But what we will be doing is creating a road map for that to happen which we hope to present before the end of the year.

You can see some of those steps being slowly implemented already. Charging for the monthly event has really helped us a lot. So moving on to things of that nature. For a year, we ran a completely free event once a month, and still brought in $888.28 in donations. We are pretty happy about that. Your generosity means a lot to everyone who works on Here’s the Story.

Outside of your donations at shows we received 1k dollars in donations at other events or from donors. The largest chunk came at last September’s Journey to the End of the Night. There we raised over 300$ which I then matched as a donation.

We promised to earmark that money specifically for future free events. A small portion of that was used at the free story swaps, and some of that was used at our May Journey to the end of the night checkpoint, on costumes, and lights. But the remaining $500 will be used at this years Robot Apocalypse Journey on Sept. 15th.

Moving forward we will be at the Renegade Craft fair, working on a slick kickstarter project, seeking out sponsors, and filling out grant forms!

Thank you again, for helping us tell stories, listen to stories, and create new ones in the process. We hope to be doing this for a long time.

See you at the next potluck!

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