Back on July 30th Here’s the Story went to This Much is True: Sept 7th they’ll be putting on Interface 2.0

So this is another sad tale from the lost bag file. As time moves forward I realize more and more things that I’d had in my stolen bag that weren’t backed up anywhere else. A cautionary tale to everyone. Don’t procrastinate! Write your articles in a timely fashion. Unfortunately due to my procrastination, I’m missing all of my photos and notes for this show, and for the Words that Kill show Here’s the Story made it to, a few weeks ago. This show, is a particular bummer because I had some super cool shots and audio.

Deanna and Scott are gracious hosts and good friends of Here’s the Story, so clearly, I’m always welcome, but I was specially invited to this show by Kim Morris. I first heard her tell at Story Club. She read a brutal piece about the loss of a friend. Subsequently we’ve been running into each other at shows ever since. For instance, I saw her at the Tuesday Funk a while back. And I’ll be seeing her at our Journey to the End of the Night. If you’re interested in seeing her brand of story telling, you can check her out at fringe fest.

But these are the two kids I want to tell you about today:

Jen Ellison & Dave Stinton told a dual tale about how they first met and how each of them see the significance of that moment differently. I found this keenly compelling. Not only due to the conflict it caused and the subsequent resolution, but also because these events were not in question. They remembered how things happened exactly as they happened. As to the looks and calls and emails, they were in one hundred percent agreement. It was each unique personal take on those same events that caused a hiccup.

The other week, over email, Scott and I were talking about how amazing it is that the human condition allows for multiple seemingly contradictory truths, and does so without conflict. In this particular case, we were talking about how stories have the ability to remind us of how different we are, and at the exact same time, remind us of how similar we are. I think their dual telling played into that theme, and it gave me cause to think about, and discuss it with friends later.

I’m sorry I don’t have an excerpt to share with you. Next time.

If you’re interested in This Much is True, then you should be particularly interested in seeing their next special event. Interface 2.0

Please support these great folks.

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