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Chicago Solo Festival Festivants

Have you ever seen a herd of hermit crabs? How about a collection of solo shows? Both of these are paradoxes, but only one will be available August 13th to the 23rd at the Solo Chicago Theater Festival.

Solo Chicago Fest Owen Kalt

One special performance will feature Owen Kalt. Owen Kalt is a member of the StoryLuck community and we could not be more excited for him to bring the house down with his show “Danny’s Friend.” He’s done dry runs but that’s not enough to whet my whistle – I cannot wait to see the show again.

Owen’s Show is part of this year’s formidable lineup. Some of these performers were kind enough to talk to StoryLuck: hopefully these brief introductions will reveal just how enjoyable the second annual Solo Chicago theater festival will be.

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Chicago Lit Fest Highlights: Rea Frey and Dawn Jackson Blatner

Those looking for the vegetable-based funk should head down and see Rea Frey and Dawn Jackson Blatner are the Chicago Lit Fest. Frey has been spreading the word about the perks of a vegan based lifestyle; she has a blog, a website, and a documentary – “Vegucated” -, and generally promotes a Power Vegan lifestyle. …

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