A Postcard from 7 Shot Symphony


I was lucky enough to catch 7 Shot Symphony last night with Janna. It was a good time and as is my way I picked up a sweet poem from the crowd.


Transcribed to the best of my ability. (With the help of kevin.)

There is no escaping Euridice.
There is no avoiding her.
We are all on our wedding day,
every time,
bitten by the snake.
We will be rescued,
and we will turn
to salt.
Remember this play, remember
the west between the Railroad and
Civilization, as a place where the snakes were lost.

Thanks, man! I think this short piece, written on the spot, does a particularly good job; it captures the feel of the play well.

I wanted to make sure that this got up right away because it’s a short run.

July 15, 8pm
July 16, 8pm
July 17, 4pm
July 22, 8pm
July 23, 4 and 8pm

Tickets are 15$ if you have a headshot or a student idea. (They kindly allowed me in without a headshot. Thanks, Strawdog.)

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