A Month Of … The Things We Find

Thanks to all who came out to tonight’s show. We shared stories of fictitious paramours, grocery-store solicitations, and all manner of amorous hijinx. Plus, we selected this month’s task.

Here it is:

The Things We Find

Glue a coin to a sidewalk in a public place.

The meaning of “coin”, “sidewalk”, and “glue” are of course open to interpretation. And remember: anyone who completes this task and posts it as a comment on this post will get into the next show free! Have any ideas? Go out and make it happen, or – if your idea requires a helping hand – feel free to email Dan@amonthof.org to ask for aid.

Our next show is scheduled for June 11th. You have until then to make your move, so get cracking!

Post your task completion here!

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