Welcome to the HTS Store!

You’ve made the right choice by checking out the store and donation page! Now, though the classic blood sweat and tears goes into making you these products. we also need you to know that due to the DIY nature of hand screen printing variations in how the design comes out is to be expected. Love these shirts for their idiocyncracies.

Also, we scam these T-shirts from a super cute heroin addict underneath Wacker Dr. so the color of the shirt you get will be random but the size is cut to fit!

Chocolate Zombie Bunny



Buy a shirt that kind of looks like this!The red live-moving bloom. How much imagination did it take to capture? How do we keep it alive? To give this heat from a solitary flare dancing on the rockwork of a shallow cave, out into the plains. . . . Fed on the air, and taken even then to the water—to smoking our prey, de-witching monsters, en-ashing our dead. To keep it alive. You must tell. Tell: how/where/what/who/quantity/quality/longitude/lat/& c. But no questioning the why. Our fire lives because the story told how to raise and feed the light. This twig on this twig, rub thusly, and so on. A spark. Just tell it to keep it alive. Here is a story with fire:


June Shirt


Shipping is free and we thank you for your donation.

For those that don’t have 15.00 but still want to contribute to the HtS cause, here is a handy dandy donation button. Send us any amount you think is fair.

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