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Let’s Talk About Mission Statements

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Janna and I are constantly tweaking, this site, what we plan on doing, what we think we can do against what we really can do, and one of the things that’s been getting some attention lately is the website’s stated mission. Right now it centers pretty closely around the first Wednesday show. This is our main thrust, our main event, and it rightly holds almost all of our attention as we push forward. But Janna and I also care a lot about the bigger picture and the possibilities that come from sharing stories as a way of thinking about life.

So for me, when we boil down brass tacks, this is our mission statement: “Here’s the Story.”

It’s a bold phrase and it is what I think of as our core. Janna and I can go on and on about what we want this to be, i.e. everything to everyone all the time. (Oh, lofty abstract goals.) We can tell you stories, our own as well as the ones we’ve heard and read. We love to talk about the inspiration we’ve gotten from all our friends and the excellent work they do throughout the city. And in strange moments our tongues will trip their way into erudite and insightful musings on the subject of, “What is this all about?” But I lack the imagination it takes to come up with a better phrase for our show – this organization, this movement – than Here’s the Story.

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