Quick Update: Preview List, (Journey Update and More)

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Boy this website is keeping me busy. It’s just too much fun. Here is an idea of some things you can look for here, coming up:

1. Mock-up for June 1st tshirts (tomorrow)
2. Article about the Chicago Story Collective’s awesome High School Horror Stories show (by the 27th)
3. Update on our special September event, Journey to the End of the Night (by the 27th)
4. Journey website goes up (June)
5. We’re lining up features for a super-secret show happening in October, so we’ll start dropping details about that (June)
6. Announcement of June’s lineup of featured tellers (soon, soon!)

We are both working hard to get things ready for our June 1st show, too! Creating a format that incorporates the story-slam and featured tellers, putting up posters and getting the word out to people in lots of places, making t-shirts, creating our logo, putting together AWESOME lists of featured tellers for your listening enjoyment at future shows, striking up collaborations with various artists, literary organizations and volunteers, etc! If you’d like to help us spread the word, please do. We can make you administrator on our FB invitations, and the like.

June 1st is going to be a really fun stage. An amazing line-up of tellers is coming together . . . better than we could have imagined. All we need now to make the night wonderful is YOU. Your stories and your listening are what it’s all about. If you aren’t on my email list, please get on it.  We give away prizes, run contests, and will hint about future shows.

Thanks, everyone!

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