Journey to the End of the Night 2011 Movie

On May 7th the ØwO went and ran in Chicago Zero’s Journey to the end of the night. There are a ton of awesome videos detailing that event. Here is one, that Here’s the Story put together.


As stated at the end of the video, thanks to CgØ and sfØ for making such an event great.

You can see the ØwO praxis here. And a whole slew of great write-ups here.

June 10th is still the plan for getting Disorder of the Wild Onion fully operational and then the story for the event will start to come out.

For those willing to travel on short notice please think about doing Five Years Running, in San Fran. They are in need of programmers so ping them with that info too. And finally for those who don’t want to use Facebook to rsvp, there is a sf0 rsvp up too.

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